Is Mobile the Future of Gaming?

Is Mobile the Future of Gaming?

Ever since the release of the iPhone back in 2007 it has spawned millions of mobile apps and games. Nowadays there are millions of games available on mobile devices, and the mobile games industry is big businesses with developers raking in billions of dollars – in fact mobile gaming is now a bigger market than League of Legends accounts are for Riot Games, the biggest PC gaming company. How far we’ve come!

A few years ago, mobile games and apps were limited to very basic graphics and effects but thanks to new smartphones these games have dramatically improved. Today it’s very common to find fully 3D games that have had a lot of effort put into them.

The continually improving technology and money invested by game developers have produced some highly popular games over the years. So popular that they are slowly starting to overtake traditional methods of PC and console gaming.


Free to Play Model

Compared to other game industries such as PCs and consoles, mobile app games tend to follow a different revenue model. This model involves getting as many people as possible to download the app and then offering in-game purchases. These purchases allow the player to level up and complete the game faster.

Compared to the other revenue models of just paying a one-off fee for the app it allows people to make in-game purchases continuously. This allows free players, and premium players to both enjoy the game. The game is still playable without purchasing anything, it just makes the game easier if you do decide to splash some cash.

On the other hand, if you’re a big fan of the game then there will always be something you can buy in the store. From in-game powerups to boosts, developers have plenty of in-game items that you’ll want to buy.

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There’s Plenty of Money to Be Made

Pokemon Go is currently the fastest mobile game to hit $600 million revenue in only 90 days. Compare this to other popular games such as Candy Crush and Clash of Clans this is a record breaker.

Candy Crush reached the target in around 200 days while Clash of Clans reached the same amount in 500 days. This helps to prove the point of how popular mobile games are becoming. If a mobile game that is free to play can amass that much revenue in only 90 days, then you know the industry must be booming!


Benefits of Mobile Gaming

More Casual

Mobile phone games are usually less intensive that console or PC games and allows players to have more fun playing them. Instead of being a hardcore gamer that must dedicate 10 hours a day to becoming good at the game, many mobile games are less demanding. Not only does this make them more enjoyable but it also means they can be played whenever.


Can be Played Anywhere

Another benefit of mobile games is the fact that you can play them almost anywhere. Unlike PCs and game consoles, mobile games are very.. mobile. This means if you have your phone you can always play a game no matter where you are. This means you can fit a quick game in while on your break at lunch instead of having to play in a fixed place.

Many mobile games are focused on social interaction and reward players who share and invite their friends. Players often receive in-game incentives for recruiting players which often means some mobile games spread like wildfire. Once your friends start playing, they’ll tell all their friends, and then they’ll tell all their friends! By the time you know it you have millions of people playing the game just from a few players recommending it to their buddies.

Now you know why mobile gaming is the future be sure to look out for the next popular mobile app! Who knows that might even beat the new record set by Pokemon Go!

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