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Why is Clash of Clans so Popular?

Why is Clash of Clans so Popular?

Clash of Clans is the most popular mobile game on iPad (and for long gaming sessions we always recommend a good stand). If you’ve been on the App store or Google play store recently, then you’ve probably seen Clash of Clans on the top app list. Currently on the Google play store the app has over 30 million downloads and around the same on the Apple app store. With so many downloads you can’t deny the game is popular. But just why is Clash of Clans so popular? Is it the gameplay, the graphics or the concept of the game?

In 2013 only a year after it had been released, Clash of Clans was already number 1 on many of the top app charts. In 2013 the app brought in over $892 million in revenue for the developers SuperCell which was around $2 million a day. With revenues, this high you can’t deny the game is a success, but exactly how did it get here in the first place?

Originally the developers released several mobile games such as Pets vs. Orcs, Battle Buddies and Hay Day. Many of these games turned out to be huge failures and were discontinued within a few months after their release. These mobile games might have not been successful, but they provided SuperCell with valuable information on what players actually wanted.


What Makes Clash of Clans so Popular?

There are so many reasons as to why Clash of Clans is so popular; it’s success can’t be traced back to just one reason. Here are a few of the top reasons why Clash of Clans is so popular.

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The first reason is that the game is very balanced. There isn’t a certain type of troop that is overpowered compared to the rest. This makes the gameplay much nicer but more importantly makes the players happier as they don’t feel like the game is broken.



The second reason why Clash of Clans is so popular is that it’s a social game. The game was specifically made to be played with your friends, and you are encouraged to recruit your friends to fight together. Why spend millions on advertising when they can get you to share it with your friends for an in-game incentive.

Another social aspect of the game is the ability to talk to other players. By allowing players to chat with each other, this allows you to socialise and make new friends. If you have lots of friends that play the game, then you are most likely to keep playing it. SuperCell clearly understands the importance of social interaction within games.



Wars are the competitive part of the game and allow you to fight other players head to head. By having a ranking system in the game, it gives players an objective on what they can work towards. In Clash of Clans, it’s to level up and get as many trophies as possible.


Continuously Updated

Unlike other games, SuperCell but a lot of time and effort into developing their games and are continually adding new features. Not only does this make players come back for more but it also allows the game to evolve over time. If you compare the game today to when it was released, you’ll notice there are plenty of new features and additions.



To further increase the popularity of their game, SuperCell has released some of the most expensive adverts featuring A-Class Hollywood actors including Liam Neeson and Christoph Waltz. The super bowl advert alone reportedly cost upwards of $9 million dollars but significantly increased the awareness of the game.


So, there you have it. If you’ve ever wondered why Clash of Clans is so popular then now you know. Although there is no single obvious reason for its popularity, there are several factors that contribute to it.

Clash Of Clans Tips To Help You Win

Clash Of Clans Tips To Help You Win

Top Clash of Clans Tips

If you’ve never played Clash of Clans before then, it can seem a bit confusing at first, but trust us it’s a lot easier than it looks.

To play Clash of Clans all you need to do is drag and drop buildings onto an empty space on your base. These buildings collect resources for you over time and allow you to upgrade your structures and build an army of troops.

Once you’ve built a ferocious army, you can play single player missions to raid the nearby villages or decide to go head to head with other players.

Players can earn and lose trophies through multiplayer raids to determine their rank. Other clans can team up to win even more loot when battling enemies.

If it still sounds too confusing and complicated for you then don’t fret. Luckily for you, we’ve got the top clash of clans tips ready to help you dominate your enemies. Follow these simple tips to greatly increase your win rate and send your enemies packing.

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Maximize Everything Before Leveling Up

Before you think about leveling up your Town Hall be sure that you maximize all of your other buildings first. If you upgrade your Town Hall too fast then your opponents will be much stronger meaning it will be harder to defend yourself. Before you go upgrading your Town Hall make sure all your other buildings are maxed out first.

While waiting for your Town Hall to upgrade itself, it’s a good idea to fill up your storage so you will have enough resources to create the new buildings. Be careful though, more people are likely to attack you while your Town Hall is upgrading as you’ll have a lot of resources stored.


Place Your Clan Castle in the Middle of your Base

Later on in the game when you join a clan you will be able to use your Clan Castle to ask for troops from others. These troops will help you during an attack but will also help you defend your base. As soon as you join a clan, you will need to re-arrange your base to make sure you Clan Castle is in the middle.

If you don’t place it in the middle, then it allows other players to lure your Clan Castle troops away much more easily. Instead, you want to keep your clan castle in the center of your base with your other structures, and lots of walls!

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Scout Your Enemy

When you start fighting with other players and clans you’ll be given a whole day to prepare before the war kicks off. In this period you are allowed to use the scout function to target your enemies encampment and understand their base.

If they have low level walls then you’ll want to build a more land based army to take advantage of that weakness. If they have don’t have much upgraded air defense then you probably want to get balloons. Once you have an idea of their weakness, request the required troops from your teammates and destroy their base.

With these simple tips you should see yourself winning a lot more games than before. So now go forth and battle!